Christmas Letters

I have been thinking on the tradition of Christmas letters. I was first introduced to the tradition by good friends of our family. They were like second parents to my brother and I. For years, they were the only one that I knew that sent them.

Fast forward to my college years. My roommate for two of the years in college was Lori. Her mom sent out Christmas letters each year. After she got married, she continued the tradition, as did her sisters. I enjoyed keeping up with my friends in this way, so I was inspired to begin the tradition. I don’t do it faithfully, but I do get it done in some years. Lori passed away 11 years ago, but every time Christmas comes around and I get letters from her mom and sisters or I actually get a letter out, I know she smiles down from heaven.

This year, I did not get it accomplished before Christmas, so a I am going to break with tradition, and send out a “New Year’s” letter. It has been several years since I sent a letter, and I don’t want to wait until next year. Perhaps I will start a whole new tradition…Or maybe I’ll go back to the pre-Christmas timeframe for next year.

A Day on the Road

I had a good drive from Florida back to Georgia today. The vast majority of it was just normal traffic. However, there was one incident that stood out.

After filling up the gas tank in Cordelle, I was getting back onto I-75. On the ramp in front of me was a tanker truck. There were two lanes on the ramp, but the right lane was labeled to merge onto the left lane before merging. The tanker, which was accelerating slowly, moved to the right lane. The drivers let me accelerate past him, then he slid back to the left lane to continue up the lamp.

Such a simple gesture of politeness. He obviously knew that he would be slow up the ramp and that he could easily let me by. I was surprised by it, and it dismayed me that I was surprised. Simple politeness in traffic is so rare, and that really is a shame. Like this truck, most of the time politeness wouldn’t even cost us any time or real trouble. It just takes thinking about those around us.

I hope this experience reminds me to think about the other drivers around me, and to think of their needs, rather than just my own.