Spiritual Maturity, part 1

I have not written for a few days. As I went back to the scripture prompts for those days, they seemed to be in a theme. The one for today was Hebrews 11:1

1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (ESV)

This scripture talks about our faith. So many people seem to think this is talking about some sort of “blind faith.” In fact, many unbelievers think that faith is the belief in something that is not real. Biblical faith is nothing of the sort.

The things “not seen” in this verse are the things of the future. No one can see what comes after their death. We have some descriptions in the Bible. We hope for those things, because we cannot see them.

The verse also talks about assurance and conviction. Assurance and conviction are not words used of blind faith. They are words used about faith that has “seen” the reality of what is believed. That describes mature Biblical faith. So, what have we “seen”?

For me, I have seen the historical reality of my faith. I have looked at the evidence for Jesus life, death, and resurrection and found that evidence overwhelmingly compelling. I have read the Old Testament prophecies and seen how they have been fulfilled, giving me confidence in the God who inspired the Bible. I have studied the New Testament and seen the descriptions of churches that match what I know of people and churches today. That lets me know that I can trust the teachings, because the New Testament authors faced the same types of people and situations that I do.

Most importantly, I see how God has worked in my own life. I see his hand in guiding my life. I see the results where I have trusted Him, and unfortunately have seen the results when I have not trusted Him. I know the strength that He has provided me during trying times. I have seen the result of His goodness in my life.

Do I see perfectly? Of course not. Perhaps that is part of what is mean by 1 Corinthians 13:12 where it talks about now seeing in a mirror dimly, but then seeing face to face.

How do we increase in spiritual maturity? Part 2 to be posted tomorrow.